Legal situation with casinos in Australia

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Despite the 2001 Law on Interactive Gambling, which prohibits Australian online casino operators from offering interactive gambling for real money to local residents, in fact, the use of online casino websites for Australian citizens remains legal. However, since this is not so from the point of view of the law, playing online poker or casino games is considered a criminal offense, but despite this, many Australians freely use popular online casinos such as bet365, Mr. Green and Winner Casino to meet their needs. in gambling. Whether these casinos violate Australian gambling laws by allowing players to visit their sites remains unclear, however, no serious attempts to protect citizens from using such services have yet been undertaken, as well as punitive measures against gambling operators.

Online lotteries and sports betting are considered legal, provided that they are not related to the Internet business, but to the land one. However, in-game sports bets are classified as “interactive” gambling, thus falling under the law “On interactive gambling,” therefore, if Australian online bookmakers offer this to their residents, such activity is considered illegal. Nevertheless, Australian players still use bets inside the game, using the services of foreign operators, who either ignore or do not know the law “On interactive gambling.” Fortunately for Australians, winnings are not taxed.

The first legitimate land-based casino in Australia opened in 1973, and since then, poker slot machines have become incredibly attractive to players across the country, they even received the slang diminutive name “out”, which later spread to other slot machines. The popularity of the board game itself has also increased, and in recent years several tournaments have been held in Australia, including the first World Series on Asian-Pacific Poker in 2013. Not surprisingly, the varieties of online poker have also become popular (despite the weak regulation of the law “On interactive gambling”), along with other “traditional” casino games, such as online blackjack and online roulette.

The future of gambling in Australia

Much of the attention of Australian gambling lawmakers is to regulate poker slot machines. Politicians called the development of anti-gambling legislation a priority, and in an attempt to limit poker games, they developed the idea of ​​introducing “smart cards” that will control the amount that a player can spend by setting a limit amount of money that can be lost.