Online Gambling Australia

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Regulation of the online gambling services market is an important public matter. Unfortunately, the authorities do not always exercise complete control over telecommunications systems, since the latter is almost always the property of international corporations. In this regard, the Australian government can control only the work of online operators (it is a ban on all types of online gambling, except for online betting). Thus, it turns out that at the legislative level, residents of the country are not prohibited from using online casino services.

Due to the fact that the work of the online industry, in fact, is uncontrolled, the government of the country deliberately tighten control over the online gaming industry.

This time, the officials decided to resort to a unique method of control. In order to bring the online gambling market of the country out of the shadows, parliamentarians intend to legalize certain types of gambling online entertainment (in addition to the officially authorized online bets on sports events).

Last week, the state regulator of the online gaming industry published a draft document that will become a bill in the future. This document will help to systematize the work of online casinos. The document contains many recommendations designed to improve the quality of services provided and reduce the number of possible risks for Australians.

The Australian government, feeling a heavy burden of responsibility, is going to equalize the conditions for local and international online casino operators with various tax rates. Thus, local operators of online gambling will feel much more comfortable in the territory of their country.

Australian parliamentarians promise to encourage banking institutions for each blocked user who tries to use their money on an illegal gambling site. Of course, this innovation will give a positive result, but it is worth recalling that most of the operations with cash flows go through online payment systems. Accurately track the money route and recipients in such systems, at the moment, it is extremely difficult.

No less important task facing the state is to protect the personal data of players. Experts are sure that hackers steal personal data of players less often than the operators of online casinos merge valuable information to third parties.

All the main forces, the leadership of Australia has focused on overseas online gambling operators. Thanks to the features of the worldwide network, their sites are accessible to every inhabitant of the planet, including Australians. Parliamentarians are confident that without an effective system of blocking foreign gambling sites, they are unlikely to be able to regulate the work of the gaming industry in the country.